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Headmaster's Address

April 06, 2021 | Headmaster | Headmaster's Address
As we reach the end of another busy academic Term, I wanted to thank you for your support and to wish you well for the April Easter Holidays. At the final Headmaster’s Assembly today, I had the opportunity to speak to our students about the inspirational retired British sprinter, Derek…

Students turned up March 2021

April 06, 2021 | Sport | Students turned up March 2021
March 2021 will be remembered as the month that noise returned to our sporting facilities and what a noise it was. With the return to sport allowed, students turned up in their numbers with smiles on their faces and plenty of banter. Something that was such a normal process to everyone…

St Peter's College Microsoft E 2 Conference

April 06, 2021 | St Peter's College Microsoft E 2 Conference
A number of our teachers attended the annual Microsoft E2 Conference. The conference provides teachers with an opportunity to learn from leaders in the educational technology space and share their own experiences. The conference included inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking research,…

New Committee Appointment

March 31, 2021 | New Committee Appointment
New Committee…