2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open

Our people

College Council

The St Peter’s College Council promotes the school's mission and strategic plans, appoints and oversees the headmaster, establishes broad policies, and develops and shepherds the capital resources of the school. The individuals on the council possess a wide range of experience and interests that are representative of our school community.

Fr. Trevor Prince
The Visitor

Nathaniel Ramuthaga

Des Mahony
Vice-Chair and Parents' Association Chair

Rui Morais

Paul Hanger

Steve du Toit
Chair Prep Schools

Les Whittal

Cathy MacLeod

Michelle Meth

Cosmore Pariola
Senior Finance Manager

Kari Vemer

Catherine Inglis
HR and Transformation

Greg Royce
Rector: Prep Schools

Inonge Malumo
Strategic & Risk Management


College Executive

The St Peter's College Executive team is responsible for strategy implementation and the day-to-day operations of the College.

Rui Morais

Shelly Matthews
Deputy Head: Academics

Brian Armitage
Deputy Head: Student Affairs

Arun Jennings
Compliance Manager

Debra Meyer
Human Resources Manager

Nosipho Nkosi
Marketing Manager

Cosmore Pariola
Senior Finance Manager

Lynda Kirkland
Operations Manager