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A Peek Into The Boys Prep

St Peter’s Boys Prep School follows a values-based educational approach that produces a positive school culture. Children are encouraged to be responsible, appreciative and develop a growth mindset.

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Welcome to
St Peter’s Boys Prep School

There are few things as important to a parent as the wellbeing of our children.  The St Peter’s Prep Schools community recognises this, and parents are invited to become active members of a learning community that, being grounded in our Anglican faith, promotes the enactment of our values as being foundational to endeavour in our rich academic, sporting, and cultural curriculum.   

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I am extremely proud to be taking up the position of Headmistress of the Boys Prep.  To not only be part of a school and staff of this caliber, but to lead them is a privilege and with that comes a big responsibility which I do not take lightly. I have a long history and association with the school, my grandfather and father were taught by our founder Stanley Dodson. My uncles and many nephews and nieces have also been through the school and there is no other prep school in Johannesburg that I would rather have sent my own three boys to.  Currently I have two in the prep school and one at the College. This school is in my blood. 

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Our aim is for every little boy entering the Junior Prep School to feel that he is an integrated member of the St Peter’s family within a very short space of time. The new Junior Prep facility meets the demands of educating for the 21st century, while creating a nurturing, happy and fun space in which to learn.

Junior Prep Welcome

Junior Prep

Boys, Grade 0 to 2 (ages 5 to 8 years)

The philosophy behind the St Peter’s Junior Primary Department encompasses a focus on inclusivity, differentiation and academic superiority, all within the dynamic Thinking School environment. 

Senior Prep

Boys, Grade 3 to 7 (ages 9 to 13 years)

St Peter’s Boys School follows a values-based educational approach that produces a positive school culture. 

Latest News from
St Peter’s Boys Prep School

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