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A Peek Into The Boys Prep

St Peter’s Boys Prep School follows a values-based educational approach that produces a positive school culture. Children are encouraged to be responsible, appreciative and develop a growth mindset.

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Welcome to
St Peter’s Boys Prep School

My first contact with St Peter’s was as a young teacher accompanying sports teams. The boys (in those days, only the Boys School existed) always seemed so much happier and more spontaneous and confident than those at the other schools I knew.

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The life of a young boy is full of excitement, movement and challenges. At St Peter’s, we aim to accommodate these needs in an educational programme that encompasses what we call 'boys best practice'.

Senior Prep Welcome

Our aim is for every little boy entering the Junior Prep School to feel that he is an integrated member of the St Peter’s family within a very short space of time. The new Junior Prep facility meets the demands of educating for the 21st century, while creating a nurturing, happy and fun space in which to learn.

Junior Prep Welcome

Junior Prep

Boys, Grade 0 to 2 (ages 5 to 8 years)

The philosophy behind the St Peter’s Junior Primary Department encompasses a focus on inclusivity, differentiation and academic superiority, all within the dynamic Thinking School environment. 

Senior Prep

Boys, Grade 3 to 7 (ages 9 to 13 years)

St Peter’s Boys School follows a values-based educational approach that produces a positive school culture. 

Latest News from
St Peter’s Boys Prep School

St Peter’s Prep Schools – Ahead of the Game, Behind Every Child

May 05, 2021 | Academics | Cultural | Social and emotional | Rose Nkomo and Siphiwe Mulaudzi
St Peter’s Boys Prep and Girls Prep Schools have been on a journey to ensure Inclusion is evident at every grade level.  Within the academic curriculum, inclusion and embracing diversity has been essential in all the schools and is taught consciously.  An awareness of social justice is…


March 29, 2021 | Academics | Cultural | Social and emotional | Catherine Senyakanyaka - Boys Junior Prep Librarian
In the Foundation phase of learning, children “learn to read”, thereafter children need to be able to “read to learn.” This is why reading is so important and the love of reading even more…

St Peter's Prep Schools: A Story about the Fig Trees

March 02, 2021 | Social and emotional | Greg Royce: Rector
One of the aspects that defines the St Peter’s curriculum is the intentional teaching of thinking, along with the importance of life values.  In teaching thinking, we seek to train children to adopt a broad approach to problem-solving and to be aware of the dangers of thinking driven…