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St Peter's Prep Schools Happy Women's Month

August 06, 2020 | Social and emotional | Vijay Maharaj :Deputy Head: Campus Compliance and Diversity
National Women’s Day is an annual public holiday in South Africa on 9 August.  August is dedicated to women; highlighting their courage, strength, resilience and contributions to the social, political and economic pillars of our…

St Peter's Prep Schools: The Difference ... Part 6

July 30, 2020 | Academics | Social and emotional
As we introduced changes to our teaching methodology, we began to notice improvements in the ways the boys and girls learned.  However, we were not satisfied.  Many of us felt that children had the ability to learn far more quickly than was usually the case at school.  We began to look at…


July 24, 2020 | Academics | Social and emotional | Greg Royce: Rector
Some of us are born with simply extraordinary talent.  This type proficiency normally only achieved by a handful of adults usually results in two responses.  We are either inspired to develop our own talents or we are simply overwhelmed and say, ‘I could never do that’.  In the main…

St Peter's Prep Schools ... The Difference Part 4

July 16, 2020 | Academics | Social and emotional | Greg Royce: Rector
Last week I began dealing with the four elements that schools had at their disposal to educate children.  Only Curriculum was covered.  Methodology, Staff and Environment follow in this…