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Vision, mission and ethos

St Peter’s is an Anglican school espousing Christian values in every facet of activity, respecting everyone irrespective of colour, creed or background


We will be recognised as the leading Anglican South African preparatory school, providing a caring, superior, holistic education responsive to the needs of the individual and the community, embracing diversity, upholding Christian values, building on tradition and recognising national and global developments.


St Peter’s is an Anglican school espousing Christian values in every facet of activity, respecting everyone irrespective of colour, creed or background.

We will build on the culture and tradition of the past, while always striving to improve the interaction between the staff, pupils, parents and the community.

'Family' is of utmost importance to all at St Peter's and our core values are, to be: respectful, honourable, compassionate, collaborative, resilient and responsible. Click here to see the St Peter’s Prep School values.

The school seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible to:

  1. Recognise and develop individual potential
  2. Prepare children for Senior School and a changing world
  3. Provide an environment that is happy and informal, yet professional
  4. Be supportive, caring and encouraging
  5. Use the world’s best teaching, study and learning methods
  6. Invest in our staff members, who are our key resource
  7. Offer a curriculum that incorporates personal growth, life and study skills, which are all linked to content
  8. Keep abreast of the latest technology
  9. Promote and enhance individual self-esteem
  10. Promote teamwork
  11. Involve our entire community as a resource
  12. Make the school a life-long, year-round community resource centre
  13. Teach traditional values, respect and courtesy in a modern world

We are passionate (and compassionate) about helping our children to succeed


Staff and School

  1. We are passionate (and compassionate) about helping our children to succeed
  2. We challenge our pupils: they need to be tough
  3. We care for and respect each other (edify colleagues)
  4. We foster personal growth 
  5. We nurture leadership and vision, and reward innovation
  6. We live by honesty and integrity 
  7. We support and participate in our community 
  8. We take individual responsibility and are accountable 
  9. We look for all staff to add value and ask, 'Is there a better way of doing this?'


  1. Resilience (including perseverance)
  2. Collaboration​​ 
    • Self-responsibility: taking responsibility for one’s own actions and progress
    • Tolerance: acceptance, respect, empathy and compassion
    • Reliability 
    • Honesty 
    • Humility
    • Inter-dependence 
    • Vulnerability 
  3. Self-control: ability to delay instant gratification (impulse control)
  4. Good judgement