Places Available for 2020: GIRLS: Grade 0, 1 and 6 BOYS: Grade 7

Community partnerships

We believe that we are only as successful as our community. As such, our children, staff and donors all participate in supporting various charities and, wherever possible, we believe in creating sustainability and ownership for the communities in which we are involved. Although we support a number of charities (focused on children and animals), our biggest project is the literacy programme at Sefikeng School (at the Leeukop Prison) and Diepsloot Combined School. Through a partnership with Read for Africa,we rely on a vast network of volunteers to implement this weekly programme with the Grade 0s and Grade 1s at these schools.

All donations received for this project fund the actual costs of the programme, the training of the teachers at Sefikeng and Diepsloot Combined, all relevant teaching aids and materials, as well as any joint outings our children undertake with their children. These schools do not have the budget to cover any of this. 

We also send our Grade 6 children into Sefikeng every week to do one-on-one reading with their children and the cost of all transportation is covered by this funding. In addition, all St Peter’s children from Grade 0 to Grade 7 are involved in some form of community upliftment as part of their normal curriculum and any additional costs are borne out of this budget.

Any contributions towards this initiative would earn a full BEE or CSI allocation.