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St Peter’s is an Anglican Diocesan family of schools. We focus on personal achievement within an environment that balances high academic standards with sport, music, culture and the development of each child as an individual. A clearly defined value system – comprising respect for each individual, courtesy, and honest and open communication – underpins our ethos.

From Our Community

“For the love of the Badge.” I was introduced to this slogan by the prefects of 2019, in my grade 8 year. Why is this powerful slogan so significant? It embodies the idea that despite our varying backgrounds and experiences in this ever-changing social landscape, we are all united under one common Identity: being a St Petrian. Love has no defined boundary. Hence, St Peter’s thrives as every child has the freedom to express their love for the badge in their own distinct way. The spirit of the crossed keys lives within every member of our vast community, making every interaction and every event a truly enchanting experience.

– Grace Nyapfungwe, 2023 Head of School

I wanted to convey my personal thanks to the teachers and your entire team at St. Peter’s. What a privilege to be part of this family!  Teachers have stepped up on Zoom meetings and with online teaching, supporting and encouraging our boys and contributing to their overall independence and helping them find a little familiarity And structure in this ‘new normal’. Fielding questions and concerns from stressed parents!

– Girls Prep Parent

There is a mural in the Head’s Reception at St Peter’s College that reads: “We grow good people here” and in a nutshell, that really is what St Peter’s College is all about. Equipping young people academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually for adulthood. Their experiences and skills learnt during their time at the College set them up for successful, content lives. The lived core values of the College: Relationships; Responsibility; Respect and Resilience provide our students with a strong foundation of integrity that help them to make discerning choices as young adults. What a privilege and joy is it to play a small part in the growing of such good people. 

– St Peter's College Parent

I don’t usually do things like this but I honestly felt the need to write to you and say thank you (for what it is worth). Thank you for the professionalism in which your staff have shown over the last few weeks and for the fun videos that you have personally posted to keep everyone engaged and focused on the important things.

I am so proud to have my son at a school that teaches primarily through the example they set. Well done and thank you again!

– Boys Prep Parent

Dear Rui, Brian, Shelly and all the SPC staff who have touched the lives of our boys over the past 10 years.

I wanted to take a moment to say a massive thank you to you all. We have had our challenges with our boys and the fact that you all were always so willing to step in and assist where necessary has been the single most amazing thing about this school. To be able to sit in a meeting with EVERY teacher involved in our child’s learning was incredible. To see how you all come together to help and get them on track when necessary, is one of the most remarkable aspects of the College. You truly do embody the ‘behind every child’ mantra, and for that I am so very grateful.

Being part of the St Peter’s Family for so long could have made me blasé about what is on offer, but every time I step into that school, every meeting I have, every interaction, I am left with a feeling of gratitude and belief that we chose the right school for our children. You’re inclusive, you care, and you offer so much at that school that every child is able to find their place, find their people, and thrive where they belong.

Thank you so very very much for it all. We will be sad to be leaving but will forever remain Old Petrians and some of your greatest advocates.

– St Peter's College Parent & PA member

Just thought I’d drop you a short note to say well bloody done! You guys and your teaching staff have been doing a fantastic job of navigating parents and pupils through this chaotic quagmire.

The online delivery has been world class and St Peter’s commitment to keep things going and relevant for the boys through this disruptive period is really appreciated. 

– Boys Prep Parent

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College Crossed Keys 2023

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