Limited places open for 2018: Girls Prep Grade 2 & 4, Boys Prep Grades 3,4 & 5

The Grade 1 year

Grade 1 is an important year for your child as it is the start of their formal schooling and the foundation for further education.

Perceptual development

The pupils continue to learn through experience. They advance from the known to the unknown by using as many familiar situations as possible. The school expands upon the Perceptual Programme that is started in Grade 0. Individual needs are taken into account – some pupils may need to complete more perceptual exercises than others.

Language and literacy

During this year the pupils will learn to formally read and create their own written stories. In order to cater for individual differences, a variety of materials and approaches are used and each pupil progresses at his own rate. St Peter’s uses the THRASS literacy programme as the core curriculum, at the same time taking into account individual learning styles.

Additional Languages

Specialist teachers teach conversational skills and vocabulary in both IsiZulu and Afrikaans.


Most new concepts are introduced through problem-solving and exploratory, investigative learning. Pupils are expected to recognise and be able to manipulate numbers. The children work in different number ranges and are given differentiated tasks depending on their competence levels. Their understanding of numbers and relating this to the real world is essential.

Creative development

The school exposes pupils to different media and materials during creative lessons. They work in groups or individually and are encouraged to paint, draw, design and construct.


In order to develop co-operative learning, and to cater for different abilities, the pupils often work in groups. Sometimes these are mixed-ability groups and at other times children of similar strengths are grouped.

Themes and the environment

St Peter’s works around themes or environmental topics and include design and technology, creative activities and fun days. Music, Enrichment, Afrikaans, Technology, Library periods and IsiZulu are also part of the Grade 1 curriculum.

Physical development

Most large muscle development is supported during Physical Education lessons. Writing, cutting, pasting, finger rhymes and finger exercises help to develop fine motor co-ordination.


In Grade 1 independence is encouraged:

  • During the course of the year, your child should be encouraged to walk from the car park to the classroom independently
  • Pupils must take care of their possessions and ensure that they take their reading pocket home every day
  • Some messages will be sent home verbally in an effort to improve memory in preparation for Grade 2


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