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Teacher Interns











The St Peter’s BigFutures Teacher Intern programme began in 1997 with the vision of developing inspirational teachers from disadvantaged students, who will go on to improve education for thousands of South African children.


The programme is run and managed by St Peter’s Prep Schools and currently has over 20 deserving young men and woman who have embarked on this life-changing opportunity.

The programme is managed by the school and is 100% dependent on external funding. The money needed to fund the programme is raised and managed by the St Peter’s Foundation which is a registered PBO. Donations allow us to continue this valuable work, and by growing the number of interns, we will change many more lives.



Our carefully recruited interns study a 4 year B.Ed distance UNISA degree, and are in the classrooms on a daily basis learning from our teachers and gaining invaluable experience. This builds both their teaching ability and their confidence, setting them up to begin their careers as confident teachers from day one.

We produce effective teachers by focusing on 4 key areas:

Academic: to properly qualify interns through successful completion of assignments, teaching practical and examinations required by UNISA

Classroom experience: seeking to imbue its graduates with a growth mindset and collaborative, accountable, committed and professional attitudes.

Psychosocial support: Producing graduates who aspire to live Christian values; and who have the maturity to deal with the emotional demands of teaching;

Community Partnership: growing an understanding of community and servant leadership qualities.


We truly are building a better South Africa through education! 

We believe the impact of the programme is twofold. The Individual intern is given the opportunity to follow their dream of becoming a teacher and ultimately will impact on South Africa’s education. The St Peter’s children benefit each day by having an additional teacher in their classroom.


The school provides its expertise by providing class mentoring, training, evaluation and feedback. Our St Peter’s Foundation is constantly fundraising for the money needed to fund the programme.

Each Intern costs approx. R120 000 per year for 4 years (we make a 4 year commitment to each individual). This is made up of:

  • University fees
  • Books & study materials
  • Daily meal
  • Monthly stipend
  • Accommodation
  • Psychosocial support and mentoring

At the end of the internship, the interns have the freedom to teach within any community of their choice. 

Our interns are 100% black, Indian and coloured, and all donations to this initiative are eligible for 100% allocation towards BEE and CSI.

We are proud to be training teachers to make a difference in educating our country and we encourage you to engage with us on a real and meaningful level.