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Rector's welcome

Greg Royce

My first contact with St Peter’s was as a young teacher accompanying sports teams. The boys (in those days, only the Boys School existed) always seemed so much happier and more spontaneous and confident than those at the other schools I knew.

Coming from a far less well-endowed school, I was in awe of the magnificent grounds and facilities, yet the staff members were unfailingly welcoming, always treating one as an equal. There was a unique atmosphere of warm informality and professionalism.

I had never encountered an environment so perfectly adapted to developing children. I began to long to teach here.

My eventual appointment as Head (and later Rector) served to confirm my perceptions. It remains a privilege to be part of a family that continually looks to improve the development opportunities and confidence of its children (both boys and girls now). The results are embodied in the visits of past pupils who return each term to recapture, if only fleetingly, the nostalgia of their years of happiness, achievement and belonging.