2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open

Why St Peter's

The cornerstone of any successful school lies in the quality of its teachers. Without empathetic, committed and, above all else, passionate and dedicated educators, a school is no more than a collection of buildings. Today, of course, teachers need to add another string to their bow as they educate our children to become responsible and disciplined members of the wider South African community. We must focus all our attention on filling young people with a love and a conviction for South Africa and for making a difference in this dynamic, young and vibrant democracy.

At St Peter’s College we are mindful of our duty to South Africa as a country and to our students as individuals as we strive to continue our commitment towards maintaining our position as a truly representative South African school. We are and remain proudly South African!

In providing a co-educational environment, St Peter’s College ensures that the opportunity for students to learn from one another and to develop mutual respect will assist them in preparing themselves for tertiary education and their future success in the business environment.