2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open


St Peter’s College is a Christian institution. We are affiliated, as an educational institution, to the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg. The bishop of the diocese is the spiritual head and visitor on our council.

As a Christian institution we espouse the values that Jesus, the Christ, taught. We aim to equip our students with a holistic education that encompasses spiritual, intellectual, physical and social aspects. Most days begin with a reading from the Holy Scriptures and prayer. We hold a chapel service once a week and celebrate the Holy Eucharist at the beginning and end of each term, on high holy days (such as Ash Wednesday), on special occasions, and to highlight important historical days such as Heritage Day or Youth Day.

Students of different religious affiliations are welcome, but the ethos is Anglican. Tolerance and understanding are stressed in studies of other beliefs.

The pastoral staff at St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Sunninghill act as chaplains to St Peter’s College. This means that St Stephen’s opens its confirmation programme to St Peter’s College students each year.

The pastoral staff involved in St Peter’s College include:

  • Revd Trevor Prince (Rector of St Stephen’s Anglican Church)
  • Fr. Sibonelo Mkhabela (Priest)

Should you have any enquiries about the above or wish to speak to someone from St Stephen’s, contact Revd Bev O'Shaughnessy on 082 804 8567 or  ststephens@icon.co.za.

College prayer

First Day
William Barclay

God, our Father
Who ever makest the light to shine out of
the darkness,
We thank Thee for waking us to see the
light of the new day.

Grant unto us to waste none of its hours;
To soil none of its moments;
To neglect none of its opportunities;
To fail in none of its duties.

And bring us, Lord, to the evening time
undefeated by any temptation,
at peace with ourselves,
at peace with others
and at peace with You.

This we ask for Thy love’s sake.