2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open

Codes of conduct

In order to support the values the College aims to uphold, as outlined in the Mission Statement, as members of St Peter’s College, we:

  • Respect the rights and privileges of others
  • Respect and aim to preserve our environment
  • Respect the property of the College and the community at large
  • Accept our responsibility to adhere to acceptable standards of behaviour as defined by the College
  • Accept our individual responsibility to be fully involved and to strive to develop our full potential through strong personal motivation in order to achieve worthwhile objectives
  • Accept responsibility and acknowledge we are responsible for our actions

All students and parents must accept the College Code of Conduct on enrolment at the College.

Disciplinary action:

Serious misdemeanours or persistent infringement of the Code of Conduct will result in detention, suspension or expulsion.

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Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure

Substance Abuse and Prevention Policy 

Search and Seizure Policy 

Acceptable IT Use Policy

Bullying Policy