2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open

Our stories

This is what St Peter's parents and pupils have to say about the College: 

“Proud to be a St Peter’s parent.”

“The first place that really believed in me.”

“A pioneer in moving education forward.”

“Such a happy place with an excellent standard of teaching and coaching.”

“St Peter’s is different to other schools in that, first and foremost, you are accepted as you are and given the space to develop your abilities in an environment that is socially conscious and caring.”

“Individual attention where the child’s full potential is harnessed.”

“A special school, not pretentious like some other private schools.”

“A caring school that enables students to develop their talents in the activities they are interested in.”

“Well rounded and value-centric school.”

“Fantastic, all-embracing school.”

“The best school that we could have chosen for our child.”

“A place where your child is free to be the best he or she can be.”

“Private school that breeds balanced future leaders through education and excellence for every child depending on their abilities.”

A Grade 11 student, Sarah King, shares how St Peter's College has become her second home. Read more here.