2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open

Head Girl

Natalie Molenaar

High school is said to be the best years of your life…I can truly say that I, wholeheartedly, believe in this statement. Not only has St Peter’s College been my home for the last four years, it’s been a place of love, acceptance and celebration of one’s most authentic self. From the beginning of this self-illuminating journey, this school has taught me the value of relationships, responsibility, resilience and respect, and the importance of these values in my life. St Peter’s College is more than just an educational institution. Here they help groom us into being the best people that we can be out there in the real world.

I often get asked the question: Why do you love your school so much? My answer is quite simple. It is because of the people. Coming into the final stretch of my high school career and having met so many people along the way, I can’t tell you that I have ever met two completely alike St Petrians.  Every child is different, yet every child belongs. Uniqueness and difference are celebrated here and through that, we get to learn more than we could ever learn from a textbook.

There is no feeling better than the feeling of red and blue face paint, wearing the school badge standing arm in arm with my school on the side of a rugby field. Or the feeling of running onto the basketball court hearing the whole school backing me to make the three-pointer. The feeling of walking out on stage, hitting that first note and hearing the crowd go wild. The feeling a junior has when a senior greets them in the corridors. The feeling of getting a ‘well done’ from your teacher after you aced the maths test. There is nothing better. The college offers so many opportunities to its students in all aspects including sport, culture and academics. With the help of our teachers and coaches, we are able to tap into all of our talents and achieve a level of excellence that we carry with us into the rest of our lives.

It is my greatest honour to be the Head Girl of St Peters College. Every day I get to walk through the gates and share my passion with my family. This school is on track to becoming the greatest and I am so glad that I get to be apart of that journey.

I hope to see you around and maybe you too can be part of this journey.