2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open

Head Girl

Nolitha Magombo

St Peter’s College is my home where a part of my life’s unforgettable moments are being spent.

St Peter’s College is an ultramodern school where we have the privilege of creating our own legacy as the students of the College. Here at the College most importantly you are firstly accepted as an individual where “you can do what you love and at the same time be loved for what you do.” St Peter’s produces excellent academic results with our passionate staff who spend their time with us daily to ensure our success. The prefect body also runs committees which consists of Public Relations, Sports, Spiritual, Community Outreach, Spirit, Eco-Pets, Cultural, Mentorship, Work Party, Peer Tutoring, Student Link and the one closest to my heart, Diversity, these committees have been implemented in order to have each spectrum of the school reaching its full potential.

St Peter’s College truly pushes the student to become an individual with integrity. The College brings out the excellence of each student providing him or her with equal opportunities and encourages the same to achieve in academics, co-curricular activities along with community outreach every year. St Peter’s College consists of courageous, outspoken and intelligent students where we always seek to help each other and are selfless in our actions. Everyone on campus has mutual respect for each other from the grade 8s to the grade 12s, to the teachers and headmaster along with our ground staff.

I pride myself in being called a St Peter’s student. I am honoured and in awe to be the Head Girl of such an amazing institution which offers a wide variety of cultural, sports and services. I have benefitted from participating in the various activities, from being a part of the College Choir and the Beauty Shop our all girls’ acapella singing group, to playing my heart out on the netball court, taking photographs for the school, joining the art task team and performing on stage for dramatic arts. Throughout the years I have also had the privilege of going on sport, cultural, academic and self-development programmes, tours, grade camps and outings with my fellow classmates which have helped with my interpersonal skills.

I love St Peter’s College because we are a school like no other where positive energy is exuded each time we walk through the school gate. In my grade 8 year I learnt the skill of adapting to a new environment. In grade 9 I had to trust the process. In grade 10 I learnt how to persevere no matter how high the mountain that stood in front of me was. Grade 11 was a time to stay true to my true authentic self. In grade 12 I’m letting go and letting God lead my path.

The College’s four core values: Respect, Relationships, Responsibility and Resilience are held to in high esteem where one does not go without the other. The school's core values have influenced the way I live today and are a reminder to all of us on how we should approach life. For a young 21 year old school St Peter’s has exceeded the limits, showing wisdom and growth beyond its years. I would like to encourage all readers of this website to come and visit our school, and hopefully join this amazing family.