2019 and 2020 Grade 8 applications open

Head Girl

Vuyo Tshwele

St Peter’s College is an institution that, apart from the necessities, is strikingly remarkable. The College is a unique space where academics, sports and cultural co-curricular activities exist harmoniously to create independent, respectful, responsible South African citizens.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of – and lead – the College. Our modern, Anglican school boasts the diversity of several religions, a Music, Arts, Dance and Drama centre (commonly known as the MADD Centre), an Astroturf and an array of sports ranging from water polo to equestrian to the orchestra. Most importantly, the College has diligent, innovative staff who work tirelessly beside every student to maintain our 100% pass rate. As my mother says, “St Peter’s takes students of different academic backgrounds and still produces multiple distinctions, national sports players and 100% rate.”

I, for one, have benefitted greatly from the opportunities offered at the College, ranging from girls’ soccer to provincial debating to the College choir. St Peter’s College continues to encourage and produce excellence in every student for academics, co-curricular activities and social responsibility. At the College, grade divides cease to exist and we work to maintain that every student coming to the College has the smoothest transition into a diverse, hard-working and well-rounded community.

During my high-school years at the College, I have been on a continuous path of social consciousness and self-discovery with the help of my peer and teacher mentors. I also learned that the four core values (relationships, respect, responsibility and most recently resilience) will never stand alone and will continue to be an integral part of my future. I also had the blessing of having someone by my side to assist me in any way from the first day I set foot at the College.

While at the College, I had the privilege of going on a cultural tour to the Grahamstown Jazz Festival, compete at GDE debating provincials, play flute in the Stellenbosch Festival Concert Orchestra and most importantly, be a part of the initiation-free Grade 8 Orientation week.

As Head Girl, I am truly honoured to wear the St Peter’s College badge on my chest every single day. I am beyond blessed to be able to walk into a school with beautiful grounds, willing teachers, respectful peers, diversity and endless opportunities. For the year to come, I will have the honour of working alongside the Prefect body of 2018 and every student in every grade.

I, and St Peter’s College, extend a warm-welcome to prospective St Petrians and look forward to expanding the St Peter’s family. Our family believes in our motto with great hope and pride; In Futurum Fortiter – "Bravely into the Future". We invite you to come and visit us at the College – we would love to show you around.