2019 and 2020 Grade 8 applications open

Head Boy

Matthew Garrett

St Peter’s College is a modern school which thrives on its reputation to produce authentic and unique individuals. Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of attending a school with many different students from various walks of life, and learning about different people and their respective lifestyles and cultures.

Hence, the College chooses to focus on the individual instead of the collective. In doing this, St Peter’s College is a haven for all students to be the best they can.

The diverse array of co-curricular activities available to students shows the College’s thirst to encourage individuality. Co-curricular activities range from rugby, to netball, to dance and investment club.

The College offers a variety of character building experiences such as tours, camps and community projects. I had the privilege of going on a cricket tour to India at the end of my Grade 10 year. That tour taught me to value what I have because there are people who have a lot less. Grade camp is definitely one of the highlights of the year, with each grade (barring the Grade 12s) going on a camp. Each camp intends to develop leadership skills, while forming and strengthening relationships.

St Peter’s College has four core values: relationships, respect, responsibility and resilience. These four core values are held in the highest esteem at the College. The College and its students firmly believe that in order to achieve our goal of a diverse and flourishing society, each student needs to display these characteristics inside and outside of school.

Attending St Peter’s College is a truly unique experience, and one I encourage all students to partake in. For a school of only twenty years old, we have achieved an exceptional amount and are still growing exponentially. I have no doubt that St Peter’s will flourish in 2018 under the watchful eye of our school and student executive bodies.