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Physical education

It is the policy of the school to be generalists, not specialists, and to expose every boy in the school to as many skills and options as possible. This is achieved by providing an afternoon sports programme that offers a variety of sports on a cyclical basis throughout the year. The involvement of all boys in certain team games, as well as in inter-house competitions, is compulsory.



Sports offered are:

Term 1 (summer)
Cricket, basketball, water polo, tennis, squash, swimming, and athletics

Term 2 (winter)
Football, rugby, tag rugby, cross country, tennis and squash

Term 3 (summer)
Hockey, cricket, basketball, water polo, tennis, squash and swimming

The afternoon sports programme is intended to satisfy a number of educational criteria. Staff and boys are expected to be fully involved. They are able to participate in a relaxed manner in an active outdoor environment to help with the physical, mental and social development of each individual. Participation is encouraged with an emphasis on healthy, enjoyable exercise – striving for the highest standards. The sports fields are thus regarded as an extension of the classroom, where different characteristics in each boy’s development can be assessed.

The teaching and learning of sportsmanship and good behaviour on and off the field remain top priority and the importance of learning to win graciously, as well as to lose graciously, is stressed. To win at all costs is strongly discouraged, even though the will to win in a competitive situation is regarded as part of the game. Ultimately, there should be a high level of enjoyment derived from playing sport and with it a realisation that sporting contact is, without doubt, an easy means of establishing new, and sometimes lasting, friendships.