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Instrumental lessons

Music is considered a vital part of the curriculum and its study unequivocally enhances academic performance. The following instrumental lessons are on offer: trumpet, trombone, violin, classical guitar, electric guitar, banjo, ukulele, cello, drum kit, piano, percussion and voice. To sign up for Individual lessons, please follow the link:


Music appreciation classes

Music appreciation classes are offered to boys in Grade 3 and 4. During these lessons, pupils study a practical music theory course. Technology is a fundamental part of music education and sequencing, recording, lighting, sound technology and notation software are explored by pupils in Grade 5. In Grade 6, pupils have a chance to play the guitar, cello and piano for one term.

Performing arts

This subject exposes pupils to an extensive variety of elements in the world of performing arts. Pupils engage in activities that include basic movement, dramatic arts and general performance skills. Pupils who are not inclined to the stage can study arts management and backstage technical skills. This subject is offered to boys in Grade 7.


St Peter’s has four choirs:

Chapel Choir: Grades 5 to 7
Chamber Choir: Grades 5 to 7 (selected from the Chapel Choir)
Cadet Choir: Grades 3 to 4
Junior Prep Choir: From Grade 2

All choirs perform at various school functions throughout the year and at Choir Festivals. The Chapel Choir plays a major role in leading the worship in Eucharists and assemblies.

Dramatic art

Boys perform in an annual production. There is an Inter-house Drama Festival as well as a Middle School Festival.

Many of the annual drama productions take the form of a musical. Productions to date include Oliver (1989), Cinderella (1990), Blast Off (1991), Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat and West Side Story (1992), Sleeping Beauty (1993), Factory Children and Down Broadway (1994), Rumpelstiltskin (1995), The Sound of Music (1996), Music from the Movies (1997), Bugsy Malone (1998), The Golden Years of St Peter’s (2000), Jack and the Beanstalk (2003), Oliver (2004), Red Hot Cinders (2005), Miranda and the Magic Sponge (2007), The Wizard of Africa (2008), Pirates of Penzance (2009), Fiddler on the Roof (2010), The Prince of Egypt (2011), African King (2012), Robin Hood (2013) , The Jungle Book (2014), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (2015) and Shrek - The Musical (2016).

Cultural activities and outings

Pupils at St Peter’s are exposed to a variety of cultural activities. These may include performances by visiting actors, puppeteers or musicians. Pupils are also taken to the theatre.

Drama is considered an integral part of the education programme. Pupils have opportunities to participate in productions and an internal eisteddfod. The Grade 2 boys are able to participate in a Junior Prep Choir.

Each term the teachers plan outings for their classes. These often relate to a theme, for example, pupils might visit the Exploratorium during Science Week. These outings are both enjoyable and educational, and help to develop a sense of independence in the Junior Prep child.