2020 and 2021 Grade 8 applications open


Dramatic Arts is a vibrant part of college life. Students can be found rehearsing at school in the afternoons, evenings and even on weekends.

Frequently asked questions:

What will I do with Drama if I do not want to be an actor?

  • Drama has one of the highest matric averages in the IEB and this means you are likely to achieve good results, which will provide you with much-needed points to get into university
  • Drama teaches you skills that you can use in any business or career – the confidence to speak in front of a group or crowd of people, a voice that is resonant, excellent group-work skills and time management
  • It will assist you in improving your results in other subjects that require language skills, speeches and essay writing such as English, History, Life Science and any of the arts
  • Drama makes you more visible and involved in the life of the school, increasing opportunity for becoming a prefect, leader or recognised at a university level

What subjects does Dramatic Arts complement?

  • Dramatic Arts complements any of the arts, History, English and any other subject, as it allows for a student to be well-rounded and it encourages creativity, critical thinking and confidence – both practically and theoretically

What career opportunities can Drama present?

  • Business: All business degrees require skills that drama builds
  • Law: Any Law degree
  • Events and Project Management
  • Writing: Journalism
  • Psychology: Drama Therapy
  • Sound and Engineering
  • Design: Make-up/costume/set
  • Computers: Graphic Design and Lighting
  • Philosophy, Sociology or Political Science
  • Arts Management
  • Drama: Physical Theatre, Drama and Film