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St Peter's Prep Schools Giving Back

February 10, 2020 | Social and emotional | Social responsibility | Leigh Lidgey: Community Partnership Co-ordinator
WOW! Thank you to all the volunteers who were at the first Sefikeng session on Wednesday! What an incredible start to our Sefikeng year. As we entered the school on Wednesday morning, the chant of ‘St Peter’s, St Peter’s!’ resounded through the school as the Sefikeng children realised we…


July 25, 2019 | Social and emotional | Social responsibility | Monica Sloane
Madiba’s spirit was alive on Saturday, when over 250 St Peter’s families and staff joined their Sefikeng counterparts to give their 67 minutes. The overwhelming sense of community that prevailed was palpable - passion, care and enthusiasm abounded.…

Foundation Donor Evensong and Cocktail Party

March 28, 2019 | Social and emotional | Monica Sloane
A magical evening was held recently, to celebrate the successes of our BigFutures, Social Responsibility projects. The donors and volunteers, who support this initiative in various ways, were honoured at an Evensong and subsequent Cocktail Party, hosted by the St Peter’s…


March 12, 2019 | Academics | Social and emotional | Leigh Lidgey
VISION: Growing servant leaders within our St Peter’s family to uplift our community for their big futures. In order to create a more sustainable and meaningful impact within our community, St Peter’s Boys Prep and Girls Prep have chosen Sefikeng Primary as our partner school. We will…