About Us

The Foundation's Sunset Carols fundraiser


The St Peter’s Foundation is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO: 930-007-561) and operates as a trust fund, managed by an independent board of trustees. The trust has been set up in such a way so as to protect the money donated to us and to enable us to build an endowment fund, which can be used for long-term strategic advancement of the St Peter’s community. The St Peter’s Foundation exists to ensure the sustainability of education for future generations. As such, the Foundation office sources donor funding, manages the investment and disbursement of funds in line with donor specifications and ensures the growth of each donor Rand. 

All donations to the Foundation entitle donors to a tax certificate and certain of our underlying initiatives and projects also qualify for BEE points as well as CSI allocation under the new codes. 

Vision and Mission

We understand that the long term sustainability of our school and the development of our children is influenced and dependant on the sustainability of our country, our communities and the teaching profession.

“We are dedicated to the long-term sustainability of the St Peter’s family, facilities and the broader community and will ensure this by raising, managing, investing and allocating sustainable funding in accordance with the school’s values, ethos and tradition.”