St Peter's Prep Schools Giving Back

  • February 10, 2020 | Leigh Lidgey: Community Partnership Co-ordinator

WOW! Thank you to all the volunteers who were at the first Sefikeng session on Wednesday! What an incredible start to our Sefikeng year. As we entered the school on Wednesday morning, the chant of 'St Peter's, St Peter's!' resounded through the school as the Sefikeng children realised we were there.

It was wonderful to see the reading activities outside, the lessons inside the Grade 1 classroom and the very busy Grade 0 classes!  It was not just our St Peter's moms...there was a dad, a retired teacher, grannies and an au pair! Everyone is welcome and the turnout was fantastic. We have Grade 7 boys and girls who will be joining us each week.

Having so many 'hands on deck' allowed us to have almost 1:1 for each group. The Grade 1 children were given some fine motor activities to gauge their level of ability. Some of the Grade 7 girls helped out in Grade 0 and loved every second. We also had our interns and some volunteers working with the Grade 2 and 3 classes, using the Phono-Graphix method.

Busy and productive and just incredible! #changinglives, #teachingafricatoread, #BigFutures