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Old Girls

The Old Girls tea

St Peter’s Girls School opened in 2006 with two junior grades, namely Grade 0 and 1. Hence, our first group of Grade 7 students only left the school in 2012, which was when the Old Girls Association was launched. We have (as we prepare to celebrate 10 years of existence) a rather fledgling Old Girls community that grows each year.

The positive feedback received from high schools to which our girls have moved, has been gratifying and heartwarming and we feel proud to have laid the foundation for such successful and prosperous pupils.

We have an enthusiastic response from Old Girls when we host the Old Girls Tea in the second half of the year. The primary aim of the St Peter’s Old Girls Association is to promote and encourage interaction and networking between the Old Girls and with the school – with the view of building long-term relationships and a strong community.

We encourage Old Girls to keep us up to date with their progress, achievements and movements by emailing any news to ceggett@stpeters.co.za