Places Available for 2020: GIRLS: Grade 0, 1 and 6 BOYS: Grade 7

Bursary Programme

The bursary funds are designed to ensure that the greater community has access to the quality of education that St Peter’s has to offer. Within this initiative, we have three main bursary funds:

  • The General Bursary Fund: caters for previously disadvantaged individuals, allowing them to attend St Peter’s Schools from Grade 3 to Grade 7 
  • The Old Girls’ Legacy Bursary Fund: this was started by the Grade 7 girls of 2014 and is specifically designed to provide financial assistance for the daughters or granddaughters of old girls who would like to attend St Peter’s in future years, but may be unable to pay the school fees 
  • The Helen Atkinson Bursary Fund: which is used to educate the children of St Peter’s support staff at a school outside of St Peter’s  

The General Bursary and Helen Atkinson Bursary funds will give donors 100% allocation towards their BEE and CSI points.

Bursary Programme
Sibusiso Molimi

St Peter’s had a relationship with Vuleka, North Riding, and Vuleka would select 2 of their best students that St Peter’s would award bursaries to. I was one of the 2 students selected in the year 2002 and I was awarded a 4-year bursary to St Peters.

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