Limited places open for 2018: Girls Prep Grade 2 & 4, Boys Prep Grades 3,4 & 5

The Grade 2 year

Grade 2 is more formal and structured than Grade 1.


In Grade 2, pupils build on the basic skills acquired in Grade 1, strengthening and developing these skills through application and extension. At this stage a sense of independence and responsibility is further encouraged.

Home learning

Grade 2 pupils are expected to do specific tasks daily, in accordance with the School Policy. If involved in a project, your child will benefit from your interest and encouragement. Please ensure, however, that pupils complete tasks on their own, thus gaining as much as possible from the learning experience.


Much of the teaching is done through integrated themes and the pupils will enjoy fascinating outings and visitors. Some themes will culminate in dress-up days involving many related activities. Afrikaans, Zulu, Library, Drama, Design and Technology, Art, Computers, Music and Physical Education lessons are all included in the Grade 2 programme.

Rich learning experiences

All children are encouraged to achieve their own full potential and staff members go to great lengths to provide rich learning activities and experiences to increase access, to enrich and to facilitate multi-level entry and exit points.


Research has shown that collaborative group work results in better understanding and retention of concepts, skills and knowledge. The girls are therefore encouraged to work in groups and with partners. Collaborative work also develops interpersonal skills.

Collaborative teaching

The Grade 2 teachers work with a specialist teacher each week to ensure that the most effective strategies are put in place to enrich the learning experiences offered to the girls each day.


The Grade 1 year