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Head of Junior Prep's welcome

Trish Attlee

It is a joy and privilege to be back at St Peter's as the Head of the Junior Prep. I have been associated with the school in various capacities for over 30 years and have a deep love for everything St Peter's stands for.

St Peter's is founded upon strong Christian values. We advocate a growth mind-set and a resilient spirit. Our diverse school community assist in developing a deep understanding and a genuine care and concern for people who are different to themselves. Our curriculum has been developed to prepare our girls for life in an ever-changing world. It equips them with competencies that go beyond the traditional classroom and grows innovative and creative thinking, problem solving, collaborative and relevant learning, which will hold our girls in good stead for the future.

The Girls Junior Prep School represents the best of traditional and contemporary educational philosophy. With its beautiful state-of-the-art building, built on the premises of the original Boys JP School, St Peter’s Girls Prep harnesses the best of both worlds. Our aim is for every little girl, entering the Junior Prep School, to feel that she is an integrated member of the St Peter’s family within a very short space of time. At the same time, the school aims to meet the demands of educating for the 21st century, while creating a nurturing, happy and joyful space in which to learn.

The Junior Prep building reflects the philosophy that includes a focus on inclusivity, differentiation and academic excellence, all within a dynamic Thinking School environment. The girls are encouraged to develop skills within all areas of their education – academic, social and emotional, sport, cultural and spiritual – while maintaining their individuality and growing their own personal strengths. The ethos and values of St Peter’s underpin their learning and experiences within the classroom and school environment. The aim of our teaching is to ensure that best practice is followed and that our girls grow in confidence and resilience.

The teachers are committed to creating a family atmosphere within the school and view themselves as 'educational partners' with each girl’s parents. Our belief is that we need to work together to ensure every little girl reaches her potential, works on her weaknesses and fulfils her strengths. The curriculum focuses on ensuring that a strong foundation is laid, in both perceptual and early academic skills, so that the pupils are ready to cope with the next phase of their learning. Lifelong learning is an integral characteristic of our teachers as they keep abreast of new ideas and worldwide trends, while maintaining a strong traditional base. The integration of new skills and ideas remains the focus of the curriculum to ensure that skills are not learnt in isolation, but rather as a vital part of the overall education process.

In the spirit of 'making thinking visible', the classroom environment reflects progressive approaches to teaching and learning, with fantasy and fun being an integral part of the architecture. We have colourful and purposefully designed spaces e.g. a treehouse with a slide and nest area (in which toread) in the Media Centre and adventure playgrounds that weave in and out of different spaces for the girls to explore and to move freely. The environment supports working in groups co-operatively and learning using a large variety of both concrete and technical apparatus. Both the style of the building and the atmosphere that has been created ensure that the girls find that every day is a new opportunity to fulfil the following quotation from Anne Landers: 'It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.'