St Peter's Prep Schools: The Difference... Part 2

The enormous effect of environment on intelligence in the early years is one of the main drivers for the opening of our own St Peter’s Pre-Prep.  Early Childhood Development (ECD) encompasses physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and motor development between 0 to 8 years of age.

Week Three St Peter’s College Co-Curricular Online Information

College  May 18, 2020 | Cultural | Sport | Week Three St Peter’s College Co-Curricular Online Information

Can you believe we are in the third week on the online programme for Co-Curricular activities at St Peter’s already?
It is quite incredible how human beings, particularly young people, are embracing challenges and a new way of doing things! I want to salute our students that have participated and made use of the programme to de-stress and find joy in their being! I would be remiss in not mentioning the incredible efforts made by our teachers to ensure we offer a rich and varied programme. Finally, parents, you are welcome to join in on any of the activities

Welcome to the Believe Perform Platform

College  May 13, 2020 | Sport | Welcome to the Believe Perform Platform

Welcome to the Believe Perform Platform - The world’s leading source of performance psychology, well-being, and mental health content for the sports community. Please find a welcome video from Duncan Woods who is the Director of Planet K2 (South Africa) attached.

The Matric year of 2020 signifies a challenge for us as a St Peter’s College community.

College  April 22, 2020 | Academics | The Matric year of 2020 signifies a challenge for us as a St Peter’s College community.

The Matric year of 2020 signifies a challenge for us as a St Peter’s College community.

You might be feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but before you know it, the end of the year and the Matric Final Examinations will be upon us. St Peter’s College challenges you to give it everything you’ve got, and know that whatever happens next, you’ve got what it takes to achieve the best possible Matric results.

St Peter's College Online Teaching

College  April 21, 2020 | Academics | St Peter's College Online Teaching

The Lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity for St Peter’s College to embrace online learning.

I want to thank our Deputy Headmistress of Academics, Mrs Shelly Matthews, as well as, our Director of Learning Technology, Mr Steve Tudhope for driving the online initiative. I want to commend them for putting together the attached online survey and the Online Teaching plan which is a response to the feedback we received from our parents and students.

St Peter’s Prep Schools Making Sure Lockdown Can Still Be Fun

Pre Prep Girls Prep Boys Prep  April 16, 2020 | Social and emotional | Diane Fraser: Boys Prep Marketer

Looking back at our final weekend of school before the holidays, albeit the strangest one we have had to date, we managed to have lots of fun.

We were meant to have our Hotdog Day, which no child wants to ever miss at St Peter’s, as well as a camp out on the school fields. The St Peter’s Families decided that something like ‘Lockdown’ was not doing to deter us from making these events happen, we would all just need to be a little more creative.

Covid-19 update

College Parents' Association Old Boys Old Girls  March 30, 2020 | St Peter's College - Covid-19 update

The school’s enforced period of closure - and the extraordinary circumstances that have brought this about - brings a great sense of sadness, uncertainty, and concern for us all. St Peter’s College, however, is an incredibly optimistic place. Despite this being a very trying time, it has also been one full of hope. The students have been a marvel - cheery, positive and wonderfully kind to one another, albeit online. The whole St Peter’s College community has also really rallied round, and I want to thank every single parent who has taken the time to say a kind word, or send a short email of thanks to our staff during this period.

Online Library

In light of the announcement from the President, I thought it would be beneficial to share some book-related resources to help get us through the next few weeks, both in terms of our school work, and reading for relaxation and escape.

Before I start, I encourage all of you to try and read more at this time. Reading is (typically) a low-screen time form of entertainment and escapism. Reading allows us to process our thoughts and feelings through the thoughts and feelings of our favorite characters. This is helpful in a challenging time like this. There is a book out there for everyone

St Peter's Prep Schools Taking Action to Sanitise against the Spread of COVID-19

Pre Prep Girls Prep Boys Prep  March 15, 2020 | Grounds | Social and emotional | COVID-19 Management Team

The Njilo’s staff are amazing! Thank you for all the hard work this weekend where the staff have worked non-stop to sanitise all common areas across the schools.  This is an extra precaution and goes hand in hand with hygiene protocols that we must all follow when back at school tomorrow. Thank you Njilo’s from all of the St Peter’s Family!

Art, Design and Media (ADaM)

College  February 27, 2020 | Social and emotional | Social responsibility | Spiritual | Art, Design and Media (ADaM)

As of January 2020, the Art Task Team has been rebranded as ADaM – Art, Design, and Media.

This way we will be covering a more diverse range of disciplines that we hope to grow to be in better service to St Peter’s College, and beyond. The concept is more inclusive and diverse and may include other skills development from arenas such as the tech environment, digital media, and even the building and construction fields.

Parents Association

College Parents' Association  February 27, 2020 | Parents Association

The year has certainly started in its usual madness, with the 2020 AGM and the New Parent’s braai already have taken place and the planning for the Golf Day in full swing.