Welcome to the Believe Perform Platform

  • May 13, 2020 | Welcome to the Believe Perform Platform

Welcome to the Believe Perform Platform - The world’s leading source of performance psychology, well-being and mental health content for the sport community. Please find a welcome video here from Duncan Woods who is the Director of Planet K2 (South Africa) attached.
This Platform will be used during our Believe Sessions on Wednesday's on our Sport Programme.
The platform offers:
30+ online extensive courses; even more mental fitness training plans, and almost 1000 teaching/coaching aids (among a wealth of other resources)
Some of these courses touch on topics of:
How coaches can support their athlete’s mental health.
How sports coaches can look after their own mental health.
Developing everyday resilience.
Creating a mental health friendly environment.
Managing anxiety within sport.
6 Steps to Developing Confident athletes.
6 steps to Developing a Winning mind-set.

Apart from the articles there are 3 main features to the platform:
Mental Fitness Online Courses
Educational online courses developed to provide you with a theoretical underpinning of sport psychology and mental health. Courses are over 2 hrs in length and include video PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, infographics, PDF booklets and audio files. Courses will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how to use practical skills to improve performance.

Mental Fitness Training Plans
Training plans are short, applied and practical packs which include video PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, infographics, PDF booklets and audio files. They focus on helping students, athletes, coaches, teachers and parents learn how to use psychological skills to improve sport performance and mental health.

Mental Health Infographics
Access and download a wide range of infographics focused around all areas of sport psychology, physical health and mental health.
To access the platform:
User Name: Student's SPC email address
Password: SPC123
Please email me if you have any issues logging on. (If any parent would like access with their own log in details, please feel free to contact me shortd@stpeterscollege.co.za)

Platform Link: https://believeperform.com/

All content on the platform is free and you can access all content. What I love is the fact that the courses and training plans are chunked into bite size sections so you can do them at your own pace.
Please note that it is not only applicable to sport! So, log on and navigate the platform and enjoy.
This Wednesday at the Sport Believe Session, students will be starting with their first training plan:
Maintaining motivation during lockdown
In this training pack, Adam and Mark discuss ways to keep motivation high during adversity. Naturally, when so much is changing around us, maintaining motivation levels can be somewhat challenging. Given the level of uncertainty, Adam and Mark discuss the 3Cs, which are sources of Motivation; control, confidence and connectedness, and how you can fuel each one of them. Additionally, they discuss the use of goal-setting, and how process goals, focused on behaviour and attitude can be really helpful during this time.

Hope you get some time to get access the platform.

Believe it ... Achieve it! & #makeanimpact