Week Three St Peter’s College Co-Curricular Online Information

  • May 18, 2020 | Week Three St Peter’s College Co-Curricular Online Information

 Week Three

St Peter’s College Co-Curricular Online Information

Dear St Petrians, parents and teachers

Can you believe we are in the third week on the online programme for Co-Curricular activities at St Peter’s already?

It is quite incredible how human beings, particularly young people, are embracing challenges and a new way of doing things! I want to salute our students that have participated and made use of the programme to de-stress and find joy in their being! I would be remiss in not mentioning the incredible efforts made by our teachers to ensure we offer a rich and varied programme. Finally, parents, you are welcome to join in on any of the activities. I am going to do the yoga session posted last week, this week, right after that croissant!

So, what is scheduled to take place this week?


St Petrian: Ms. Ismail, the latest addition to our English Department, has held the first ever online editorial meeting for our school newspaper. Our journalists are submitting ideas for articles, and the St Petrian 2020 MS Team is well established. Contact Ms. Ismail on ismailn@stpeterscollege.co.za if you want to join the editorial team. They are planning a bi-weekly newsletter and it could be “posting” as soon as 3 June!
Photography: Under the leadership of Ms. De Bruin, the photography course is on-going with weekly online lessons each Friday with Zikayla from Future Photographerz as well as daily challenges on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the virtual exhibition could not take place this last week, but I am hopeful that I can sort out my technology backlog. Please keep sending your submissions to bothai@stpeterscollege.co.za before 17:00 each Friday. In the meantime, there is still time to join the course. Contact Ms. De Bruin on debruinm@stpeterscollege.co.za if you are interested. Also check out the Photography 2020 MS Team.
First Aid: Vice-Captain, Donné Bolton, has prepared a video on how to handle open wounds and bleeding. To view it, use this link https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/c9ca66f7-03fd-4c30-b854-ebc6038eab2d . This has also been posted on both SPCCulture MS.

Team and First Aid 2020 MS Team. To join the First Aid 2020 MS Team, please use q3xwos2 as a joining code. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Hopwood on hopwoodl@stpeterscollege.co.za for more information.

Eco-Pets: The environmental committee has great plans. Last week the Endangered Species Day was “celebrated” world-wide, have a look at the Environmental Committee MS Team for ways to create awareness etc. The lockdown has certainly made me more aware of the impact of humans on nature. Contact Mr. Du Toit on dutoitf@stpeterscollege.co.za to join the team.
Tour de Maths: This intrepid bunch of young people thoroughly enjoyed the online competition last week and placed 13th out of 29 schools! The next round will take place on 25 May from 17:00 – 19:30. The joining link is https://forms.gle/BDTVzy6mS4sNHZsw6 . Please contact Mrs. Lindsay on lindsayn@stpeterscollege.co.za for the rules and learning more about the club.


AD@M: Mr. Poggiali-Trapani and the AD@M 2020 MS Team offers more than ten different channels for those interested in Visual Art, Design and Media. This week the wooden “Thinker” project is due to have a short workshop by sculptor, Allen Laing. Contact Mr. Trapani on trapania@stpeterscollege.co.za to find out more or join the team.
Dance: I have already seen some of the material Mrs. Maneli-Motsisi is due to share with our dancers this week and contemporary dancers are in for a treat! Information and videos are shared via WhatsApp as well as the Dance 2020 MS Team. Contact Mrs. Maneli on manelit@stpeterscollege.co.za to become part of the dance crew!
Drama: Mrs. Miles has established and been running the last fortnight a Writing and Podcasting MS Team where discussions on podcasting are held on this extremely relevant topic during lockdown. Mrs. Miles has even established a wonderful website: https://crystallauren1.wixsite.com/writingandpodcasting. Have a look at the NO SUCH THING AS A FISH podcast! Contact Mrs. Miles on milesc@stpeterscollege.co.za to join.
Music: Mr. Lottering and the musicians kicked off the first ever broadcast of Couch Session – The QuaranTEEN Concert Series on Facebook. All students of St. Peter’s College are welcome to join, even if they are not Subject Music students. Contact Mr. Lottering on lotteringa@stpeterscollege.co.za to submit your video performance.

Choir: Mr. van Zyl, proudly sporting his MADD Centre shirt, shared with us on Thursday last week some tips on vocal techniques and breathing. He played on a special piano (the very same one he played as a boy learning music) to demonstrate the exercises. If you missed it, the video is still available under the Week Two Files on the SPCCulture MS Team. Watch out for Mr. Zyl’s next video tutorial fresh from Heidelberg, Gauteng soon!
Debating: Naome Lubinsky and Mr. Hiemstra have been running weekly online training sessions with our orators on both the Junior Debating MS Team and Senior Debating MS Team. The Senior debaters are gearing up for a live online debate in the coming week. Contact Mr. Hiemstra on hiemstrav@stpeterscollege.co.za is you want to join the Mouth Warriors!
Finally, Public Speaking under the leadership of Mrs. Koukoutsis is due to look at how to compile and perform a Retraction Speech in Week Four. Something our politicians are quite familiar with during these times, chuckle. Contact her on koukoutsisc@st[eterscollege.co.za to get into the loop.


St Peter’s College is still proud to offer excellent interaction, training and inspiration for our sportsmen and women.

General Fitness and Conditioning Sessions: These sessions with our Sport Scientist and National Water Polo Player, Mr. Badenhorst has been increased up to three sessions per week. These are posted in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Cross Country MS Team, Squash Fitness 2020 MS Team, Hockey 2020 MS Team, Rugby 2020 and Netball 2020 MS Team. This is also linked to our monitoring app overseen by our Sport Office. Students send in regular results and this helps Mr. Badenhorst to create a person and sport specific programme for our athletes. Contact Mr. Badenhorst on badenhorstn@stpeterscollege.co.za if you are not part of the initiative yet. Did you do the YOGA session yet?
Believe Platform is a special, dedicated Sport Psychology platform available exclusively to St Peter’s College students, parents and teachers. Short courses and videos guide the viewer seamlessly to a better understanding of their current mind space. Contact Mr. Short, our Head of Sport, on shortd@stpeterscollege.co.za if you are unsure on how to access this wonderful opportunity.

Chess: Ms. Walugembe and our Chess Master, Nhlanhla, have been running online training and tournaments. Please refer to the Chess letter detailing the lichess.org participation and practice session under the Week Two Files on the SPCCulture MS Team. Contact Ms. Walugembe on walugembev@stpeterscollege.co.za for any clarity.
Equestrian: Mrs. Van der Wel has been keeping close contact via WhatsApp. Even though there is no competition hopes soon, our riders are encouraged to keep fit with Mr. Badenhorst’ s videos. Visit your darling horses as soon as it is safe to do so.
Hockey: Known for its banter, the Hockey 2020 MS Team does not disappoint. Lively discussion amongst the boy and girl hockey players are interspersed with very valuable and insightful videos from First Team Coach and former National Hockey Player, Chester Scott as well as Matthew Amner, an alumnus of St. Peter’s College. Contact Mr. Short, our Head of Sport, on shortd@stpeterscollege.co.za to access this team.
Netball: Again, a National Player, this time in Indoor Netball, Ms. Van Schalkwyk and two alumni, Deyna Joseph and Caitlin Moorhouse lead with drills and netball specific exercises at least twice a week. Not satisfied with these offerings, the netball girls often issue challenges to each other to complete. Contact Ms. Van Schalkwyk on vanschalkwykc@stpeterscollege.co.za to join these girls!
Squash: Sport specific skills and drills are loaded at least twice a week by our coaches, Mr. Ledl and Mr. Vergotine. Contact Mr. Kirkland on kirklandm@stpeterscollege.co.za to join them or access the Squash Fitness MS Team.

Last but not least is the team led by Mr. Tudhope (tudhopes@stpeterscollege.co.za) and Mr. Armitage (armitageb@stpeterscollege.co.za) namely Rugby. The Rugby 2020 MS Team has all the videos created by Mr. Badenhorst, including the yoga session by Teagan Webster, but deserve a very special mention for the world-class series “Going Pro” created by alumnus, Cameron Sugden. Even if Rugby is not your thing, I encourage all students, parents and teachers to view this series. It is ground-breaking, and gives a slice of reality to the demands, both physical and psychological, and rigours in professional sport. Gleaned from his time as intern with an international rugby franchise, the series is slick and a superior offering! Go have a look.

May I wish you all a healthy and hale week! Above all, have fun!

Mr. Botha