We were all MADD last week at St Peter's Boys Prep

  • June 03, 2019 | Joan Delport: HOD Afrikaans

The staff and boys have once again enjoyed a creative and fun-filled MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) week.  In the strive for excellence, activities were planned that gave every boy the opportunity to express himself.  The boys rotated in their houses from one activity to the other. Every boy’s creativity had been stimulated and their talents utilised in activities like House Plays, House Choir, Coral Verse, Dance, Culinary, House Chess, Puppet Making and the Green Screen Project.  It will be impossible to provide detail on every activity, however, let us cover a few highlights…


The Gr 3 and 4 boys mastered their dance steps with Mrs Findlay after a wobbly start with some of the boys struggling with two left feet. The Gr 3s enthusiastically rehearsed and enjoyed working on the movements to the beat of Juicy Wiggle, the concentration clearly visible on their little faces.  Under the supervision of Miss Melvill-Smith, Mrs Delport and Mrs Eagle, the boys produced outstanding mandalas on the paving by Letty Bell Parking area. They started working their way outwards using different colours with their house colour dominant in the design. Although the groups all worked well, the teachers agreed that the Bishops boys stood out, singing along as they coloured in the patterns after discussing it and all coming to a decision together.


The boys created paintings on the pool lawn with Mrs Futselaar and her assistant teachers. They were given cardboard which they had to paint white.  They were then instructed to use three different colours of paint, their house colour as one on them, to create an abstract painting using different techniques of painting and different textures. The boys loved experimenting with the brushes, also using marbles, tennis balls, string, rakes and brooms. They got stuck in with their hands and were disappointed when the session was over and they were called to clean up and move onto the next activity.


On Tuesday we celebrated Book Day and each grade had to dress according to a specific theme.  The boys met at the pool at 07:30 and the exciting day kicked off with a Costume Parade where a winner was announced in every grade.  The boys did a superb job and many Sherlock Holmes, Greek and Roman gods, Harry Potter and Fairy Tale characters competed for the prize as the best dressed per grade.  The boys were then sent off to follow clues in the Scavenger Hunt to find out interesting facts on the history of St Peter’s.  Boys were scattered over the school and from the laughing it was evident that the boys were having fun. Thereafter, they were entertained in a Hooked on Books session followed by a Book Quiz before they went home, exhausted but happy.


The boys also showed off their culinary skills by cooking up a storm under the supervision of Sister Gail and the teachers.  They prepared mouth-watering burgers, pasta, pizza and samosas.  Mr Agnew showed off by enjoying a juicy burger afterward, envied by a number of teachers who also bribed him for a bite…  On Thursday, the Gr 6 and 7 boys had a House Cooking Challenge where the boys were divided into groups for cooking, blind tasting and responding to a quiz.  The juniors, under the leadership of senior boys, had to ensure that the chefs were supported and encouraged by exhibiting team spirit.  The houses were given instructions and had two teachers from the house as assistants. However, these teachers were not allowed to assist other than answering questions and giving advice.  We heard from a little bird that some of the Housemasters did, however, sneak in more assistance than allowed and a certain Housemaster walked around in an apron, obviously giving serious advice or maybe very anxious about getting his clothes dirty?  Although Mirfield walked away as the winner, Bavin impressed the judges with the presentation of their outstanding meal presented in a frying pan in true South African style!


After a week of rehearsing and stress about getting to know the words and movements, on Friday, the different houses each had a turn to perform their House Play, House Choir, and Coral Verse per age group.  The directors and actors produced plays of high quality. In the Gr 6 plays the different directors involved all the boys in the acting which made the plays extra special.  In both Gr 6 and 7 even the shy boys acted proudly and surprised everyone with their convincing performances.  The House Choirs had the audience clapping and singing along to the upbeat and viby songs. Ms Faul and Ms Ruest clearly enjoyed the performances and danced along while judging. In the Coral Verse, the boys had their proud parents taking photos with some of the moms wiping away an unexpected tear.  Each house had an opportunity to exhibit their acting, singing and dancing talent.  Mr Roodt and the rest of the Music Department once again entertained with outstanding performances, clearly enjoyed by the audience.

The week was concluded with Prize Giving and Mirfield as the winning House.  Thank you to Mr Roodt and his competent team for another superbly planned and organised MADD week.  We would like to acknowledge all the teachers for the contributions to making this an unforgettable week.  The staff and boys also appreciated the parents taking time to come and support.  The lovely performances warmed the hearts of the St Peter’s Family on the chilly Friday morning!  What an awesome end to a fantastic week.