Student Affairs

  • February 27, 2020 | Student Affairs

Community outreach programmes allow us to encourage younger generations to give back to the community. Not only does it make one feel good, but it can bring the whole community together. Volunteering has proven to help boost the self-confidence of individuals, getting them out of their comfort zone and dealing with real-world problems. Seeing and helping others in need will also bring new perspectives into view.

The Grade 9 Outreach Programme was a huge success.  St Peter’s College partnered with Gideon Rambuwani Primary School to provide a one-day enrichment programme. The Grade 9s spent the duration of the academic day at Gideon Rambuwani School where each Grade 9 student mentored a Grade 4 student while being guided through an enrichment programme by St Peter’s College staff. This programme consisted of five activities: Buddy reading, Art, Drama, Dance.

The community outreach committee will be running an Easter egg drive for Gideon Rambuwani students.