St Peter's Prep seeks guidance from three medical experts in its response to Covid-19 on campus

  • June 18, 2020 | Greg Royce: Rector

The appearance of the Covid-19 virus in South Africa produced a deluge of news:  articles, opinions and statistics.  Anxiety gripped society which seemed obsessed with the worst predictions, serving only to heighten fear. 

We quickly realised that dealing with the panic would be likely to be more taxing than dealing with the effect of the virus itself at School.  Fortunately, a number of parents offered their services to the School.  As we always wish to do everything to the best of our ability, we were delighted to accept the offers of many but especially three medical experts who could guide the School in its response to the virus on campus.

Not only are they eminently qualified to advise, but we felt that in addition to receiving the very best possible guidance, our parents would be further reassured by the fact that all three had children at the School.  As such, we constituted the Covid-19 Parent Advisory Group, (which we refer to as the ‘Eminent Persons Group’) and shared our plans for accommodating children back on campus while limiting transmission, to them for approval.  The three mums are: 

Dr Terri Nunes Pediatrician

Dr Lesego Rametsi-Dikoma: Group Head of Health & Welfare, ABSA 

Dr Nicole Wolter: Principal Medical Scientist, Centre for Respiratory Diseases and Meningitis at NICD.

We had hoped to introduce all three to our community in a video.  Unfortunately, NICD and ABSA policy prohibits employees from making public statements.  We are especially grateful to Dr Terri Nunes for starring in the video which we produced.  The three liaised prior to the video to develop the script.

Our ‘Eminent Persons Group’ are in daily contact with the Covid-19 Management Team advising on new protocols and reporting back on the experiences of their own children at School.  As parents ourselves, the Management Team feels very comforted being able to rely on this extraordinary resource.

Click on the below video link for more information provided by the Covid-19 Advisory Group: