St Peter's Prep Schools: The Beginning of Lent Marked by Ash Wednesday

  • March 08, 2019 | Father Richard Wossler: Chaplain

It’s that time again, what do we give up for lent? Not always an easy question. Some of us make it hard for ourselves and give up a lot and others tend to not really stretch the boundaries too far. Anyway Lent is the forty days before Easter that we give something up or take something on to show our love and commitment to God.


We have started that journey in celebrating Ash Wednesday. This is the first day of Lent and the day we get ashes places on our forehead in the shape of the cross. The message is simple. Ashes were used as a sign of a person realizing they were at a low point in their lives and were lost. They realised that there was something wrong with their heart, they had sinned and pushed God aside in their lives. The shape of the cross reminds us that Jesus died for this sin so that we may find our way home, back to God. It is important to remember that Jesus died for us while we were sinners and so Ash Wednesday is the day we remember God saying, “You’re mine.”  


Instagram is celebrating this day with #ashtag. We are celebrating this day because Ashes reminds me I’m a sinner but the cross reminds me I have a Savior.

Have a blessed and holy Lent.