St Peter's Prep Schools Observe Gender Sensitivity Week

  • June 09, 2017 | Vijay Maharaj: Director of Diversity

In keeping with the Year of the Woman theme and in the wake of recent incidences of gender-based-violence, St Peter’s Prep Schools have observed Gender Sensitivity Week.


The focus has been on love, care and respect for women. 


Talks and prayers, this week, have concentrated on courteous behaviour, on women being empowered and not second-guessing themselves, on the use of appropriate and sensitive language and on appreciating women and the girl-child.


A raised awareness and sensitivity to these issues will make our boys and girls stronger members of society.  They are already able to play a role in monitoring their own behavior and standing up against insensitive behaviour.


A suggestion to parents is to raise gender issues, for home discussion, so ‘bias’ and ‘stereotyping’ become outdated issues.


For boys, there is - in some cases, an attitude that ‘Cowboys/Men don’t cry!’  As human beings, men, are as sensitive and vulnerable as anyone. They should feel free, therefore, to shed tears if so inclined - instead of keeping emotions pent-up, which can eventually surface in violence.


The boys and girls were encouraged to wear items of black and/or white clothing, on Civvies Day, to symbolise the following:

Black:  signifying our awareness of insensitivity to girls and women, whether verbally, physically and emotionally AND we make a stand against insensitivity.

White:  to celebrate the power and beauty of women who are able to rise above adversity, when necessary, and who continue to be significant contributors in society.