St Peter’s Prep Schools 'My Story' Evening with an Inspiring Talk by Roy Gluckman

  • March 19, 2019 | Samantha Samuels: Parent

St Peter’s Prep Schools, through the Transformation arm of the Parents Association, hosted another successful “My Story” evening with over 80 parents in attendance. This time a special guest was invited; Roy Gluckman, a diversity and inclusion specialist.


Roy offered challenging views on diversity, inclusion and equity in South Africa today. He reflected on the dynamics that exist within independent schools, such as St Peter’s, as a microcosm of the country and challenged us, as parents, to have open and honest discussions with our children on these sometimes uncomfortable issues. Safe spaces are needed in order for parents to have difficult conversations with each other and in turn this will equip parents in offering children good role modelling and a healthy frame of reference. 

It was a thought-provoking talk that raised critical issues for all parents in the context of needing to work towards social cohesion in our schools and in our country.

This talk heightened awareness of the need to continue these conversations and to build on the momentum of the collective parent body so far.  

Here is to the next “My Story”… watch this space.