St Peter’s Prep Schools Making Sure Lockdown Can Still Be Fun

  • April 16, 2020 | Diane Fraser: Boys Prep Marketer

Looking back at our final weekend of school before the holidays, albeit the strangest one we have had to date, we managed to have lots of fun.


We were meant to have our Hotdog Day, which no child wants to ever miss at St Peter’s, as well as a camp out on the school fields. The St Peter’s Families decided that something like ‘Lockdown’ was not doing to deter us from making these events happen, we would all just need to be a little more creative.


We made Friday, 3 April into Hotdog or Sarmie day. The children needed to make their own homemade hotdog or sarmie and get their parents to post on Facebook tagging @stpetersboysprep, @stpetersgirlsprep or @stpeterspreprep. There were so many delicious sandwiches to see!


What do you do when you cannot leave the house to go for a camp-out? You plan a camp-in! Saturday, 4 April was earmarked for families to camp in their own gardens, patios, bedrooms or lounges. As it turned out, it bucketed with rain so not too good for outdoor camping. Not to be deterred, many families made a plan and camped in-doors and others just made a weekend of it and camped on the Sunday evening… after all we were not going anywhere!


The weekend was light relief from the demanding school programme the teachers and pupils had been working through on-line since schools closed on 18 March. It was a fitting end to the school term when we broke up on 9 April.


Enjoy the holidays, St Peter’s Families and more interesting sarmies and camp-ins are encouraged during this lockdown period.