St Peter's Kitchen Scores A's and A+'s

  • February 19, 2019 | Cecilia Neto: Operations Manager

The St Peter’s kitchen, under the leadership of Sharon Rabilal, has grown from strength to strength.  The most important aim of the kitchen is to serve nutritious food which is appealing to adults and especially children, while limiting waste and unnecessary costs.  On a daily basis one thousand lunches and sandwiches are prepared.  In addition to this it provides support for functions held at the school including sports teas, weekend sporting events and conferences.

In April 2017, the school engaged the services of a Food Consulting company to carry out termly Hygiene audits.  The audits cover surface swabs, hand swabs, food samples, water samples, visual cleanliness, cleaning procedures, food safety, documentation and facilities.  We are delighted to announce that the results have been astounding, having attained A’s and A+’s consistently.  In addition, daily food samples of each meal that is prepared in our kitchen is held for three days and sent for testing from time to time.


Our menus may be found on the Communicator St Peter's under Resources.