St Peter's Grade 0 Boys Counting their Chickens before they Hatch

  • April 04, 2019 | Tracey Sparks: Gr 0 Teacher

On Tuesday 2 April, the Grade 0 boys had a great surprise, the long awaited incubator filled with eggs had arrived. The eggs were carefully numbered and left to incubate over the next two days. There was much anticipation the following morning when number 13 had a few cracks appearing but still nothing had hatched by the end of the day. Thursday morning was filled with the sounds of little “cheep-cheeps” as four new little chicks had emerged during the night. The boys were ‘eggstatic’ and are now waiting with great excitement for the next few to hatch.


They learnt all about the egg laying process, how a little chick grows and how it breaks its way out of the shell. This has definitely been one of the highlights of our year in Grade 0.