• May 10, 2019 | Pam van Gass

As part of an FLP activity and with the national elections in mind - the Grade 6 and 7 girls arranged elections to take place at school. The various groups established parties and manifestos. The groups/parties were given a choice of challenges to research, from the ten global sustainable goals. The girls needed to research and promote solutions on a national, community and individual scale.  Each party presented their findings to the ‘voters’ (i.e. the rest of the Girls Senior Prep) together with their names, slogans and party colours. The canvasing for votes even included a little bribery!


The IEC created ballot papers and the voting stations were set up in the hall. The Grade 3 to 5 girls queued for a long time, with their new ID cards (created in EdTech), in order to cast their votes. This was certainly a worthwhile learning experience!


The winning party was announced, once the IEC had counted the votes. It was the TTSA party (this stands for Trust + Truth for South Africa). Leaders of this party were: Head – Kaitlyn Kruiskamp (Grade 7) and Vice – Juhi Baboolal (Grade 6) - Congratulations! The girls were allowed to come to school dressed in the colours of the winning party (i.e. yellow, blue and green) on Civvies Day - Friday, 10 May.