• June 24, 2017 | Jean Macleod

On Friday 23 June, our school celebrated St Peter’s Day. Both the Girls and Boys Prep Schools held Eucharist services. We were honoured to welcome Bishop Steve Moreo to the services and he enthralled the girls and boys with his sermon and thought provoking message.

On St Peter’s Day, we honour our patron, Saint Peter, and celebrate the families and the community, which makes up our school.  We reflect on how the qualities of Saint Peter, the man, are reflected in this school. A large, gruff man who led a simple life and was prone to human failings, but whose humility, faith and courage grew, as he got older. We see so much of this in our children here - who make mistakes, as they are young and become increasingly determined, faithful and cognisant of others, as they mature.

It is an appropriate time too, to explain the significance of our badge, which depicts two crossed keys below a crown, within a shield. The keys refer to the promise of Christ to Peter, the chief apostle, whom Jesus left here on earth as the leader and head of His Church. (Matthew: 16 vs 19) ‘I will entrust to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you declare bound on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever you declare loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven.’ The keys are a symbol of the power that the church believes that Christ gave to Saint Peter. The mitre symbolises our standing as a school of the Diocese of Johannesburg.

The crossed keys are worn over the heart reminding the children, not only of Saint Peter, but also of the values that are never negotiable as we walk the road of life.

The St Peter’s ‘Keys Promise’:

Today, I promise to be respectful of others and my world

I show resilience in all that I do

I am tolerant of and love my neighbour

I act with honesty, integrity and humility at all times

I show courage in the face of adversity

I remain loyal to the values of St Peter’s School.