St Peter’s College Top 5 Boys got invited to the prestigious St Benedict’s Tennis Festival

  • January 30, 2020 | St Peter’s College Top 5 Boys got invited to the prestigious St Benedict’s Tennis Festival

St Benedict’s KIA Tennis Festival


On Saturday, 18 January and Sunday, 19 January 2020, St Peter’s College got invited to the prestigious St Benedict’s Tennis Festival. The schools that got invited were St John’s, Selborne, St Stithians, Westville, Cornwall Hill, KES, HTS Middelburg and Clifton. The Top 5 boys got invited to play at this festival. Matthew Harris, Adriano Costa, Keagan Rousseau, Alex Kristov and Bailey Rousseau stepped on the St Benedict’s courts with confidence.

The first round was played against Clifton Boys’ College from Durban. Matthew Harris, our number one, beat their number one in a tie breaker. Thereafter, our boys played against Saints. However, the play was suspended due to rain.

On Sunday we all set our alarms for 5:00 for an early start to continue where we have ended on Saturday. We had a few slipping and sliding on the courts due to Saturday’s rain but, after using the blower and some towels, the boys’ tennis tekkies managed to grip the courts successfully. Matthew beat Saints’ number one in another grueling tie breaker.

St Peter’s took on HTS Middelburg after the Saints game. The boys had a successful run with Matthew and Adriano beating number one and two convincingly. Alex and Bailey also managed to get games.

Thereafter, it was Cornwall Hill where Keagan, Alex, and Bailey beat their opponents convincingly getting 6 games each. Keagan and Matthew’s opponents called them up for fair play and a great attitude. An awesome honour bestowed upon them and making me proud of being a St Petrian.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t play against Selborne or Westville Boys, but we were estimated to have ended in the seventh position with KES winning the tournament.

This is a great and promising start to our Boys’ Tennis Season.