St Peter's College Music

  • April 10, 2019 | St Peter's College Music

The Creative Arts combines the disciplines of science, mathematics, foreign languages, history, physical education, but most of all art. The above mentioned collectively develops great insight and demands research. In our extra-mural programme, these factors play a vital role as it provides a deeper meaning and understanding as well as creates respect for this art form. We believe collaboration is key in developing a holistic student.

Due to the influx in numbers, we have increased both the size of our ensembles as well as introduced new groups such as the Junior Rock Band, Junior Drumline and additional Marimba Ensembles to accommodate every student. Our goal is to allow every student no matter what level their musical skill is and help mould them into the best musician they can be. The group dynamic has improved as they interact and feed off each other. As a result, they have produced top-class performances with a wide repertoire of music, inspiring many and often leading to more students being interested in joining our programme. 

Daily, we try to find innovative ways of staying relevant with the ever-changing times as technology has taken over and is a major selling point amongst our youth today. We are aware that learners having access to these tools experiment daily with this medium and create work that should be given a platform. For this reason, we will introduce a course based on Sound Production to cater for those students wanting to explore the power of producing and understanding the basics of sound engineering. This programme allows students who would like to take it further to apply for external exams on an international level.

This year our Music Committee, which consists of our Ensemble Captains, has contributed to making decisions, bringing new ideas to the forefront to ensure that these events appeal to the younger generation.

They play an active role behind the scenes and have helped with the smooth running of our events. Our Grade 11 Subject Music students hosted the successful Noted! Concert where they, as well as guests, performed. This concert set the tone for the event that followed the Friday Showcase, which took place in the Hare Amphitheatre, hosted by our very own Grade 10 Subject Music students. It was wonderful to see the overwhelming support from their fellow peers and staff. The highlight remains the Summer Soiree where we featured our virtuosic Grade 12 musicians as well as our senior ensembles. It does concern us that the capacity of the MADDitorium can no longer accommodate the turn out for these events, so we will need to look at alternative venues in future.