As we start the journey of phasing in the return of live teaching to St Peter's College

  • May 22, 2020 | St Peter's College COVID-19 Preparations

 As we start the journey of phasing in the return of live teaching to SPC, we would like to share the work that has been done to keep you informed and to reassure you that the campus will be ready and secure on Monday, 1 June 2020.

Meet the team:

  • Toni Batchelor
  • Lynda Kirkland
  • Cathlyn Dracatos
  • Cosmore Pariola
  • Dave Short

SPC COVID-19 Policy & Plans*

The following documents are currently being finalised by the team and will be distributed to all staff once ratified :

  • St Peter's College COVID -19 Infectious Disease Workplace Policy & Plan
  • St Peter's College COVID-19 Standard Operation Procedure

The following protocols have been established:

  • Protocols & Procedures
  • Screening & declaration of all staff, students, visitors and 3rd party contractors
  • Security Entry Screening of all staff, students, visitors and 3rd party contractors via vehicle, pedestrian, Uber
  • Grade 12 Student Entry Screening
  • Event of Suspected/Positive COVID-19 Case at SPC or Home
  • COVID-19 Leave Management
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Management Checklists
  • Social Distancing Monitors
  • Personal Protective Equipment

All staff members and students will receive two complimentary SPC branded reusable, cloth face masks. Masks are compliant and have a filter insert that will be replaced every 30 days.

We have also sourced the following:

  • Protective Face Shields
  • Perspex Protective Screens for the Front Office
  • FFP1 Face Masks (for Suspected/Positive COVID-19 Case on Campus)
  • Gloves
  • Foot Pump Hand Sanitisers 
  • Mist Sprayers for Foot & Bag Sanitizers

Social Distancing & Educational Tools

This is going to be one of our biggest challenges. We have sourced Banners, Posters and Stickers, etc. to aid keeping everyone at a safe distance from each other. You, the Staff of SPC, are, however, going to be our greatest resource in getting this right. Once back on campus, it is imperative that you not only practice responsible Social Distancing yourself, but actively encourage, and remind, colleagues and students to do the same. 


Training videos have been created in various languages in-house by our excellent staff members (thank you) so that we can reach all our staff and make sure we are all trained and safe.

All staff will be trained in stages as we start the process of getting back to school.

What the COVID-19 Warriors Team needs from you:

  • Stay calm.
  • Choose to ask questions to alleviate any fear, rather than worry in silence.
  • Be positive and confident that all that CAN be done to keep you safe has been done.

We hope that this instils confidence that COVID-19 at St Peter's College is top of mind and that your health and well-being, and that of our students is a priority at the College.