St Peter's Boys Prep's Positive Education Approach

  • February 15, 2019

As part of our Positive Education approach, St Peter’s Boys Prep follows the Bounce Back programme which was formulated by Dr Toni Noble and Helen McGrath.


This is based on research and is a classroom resiliency programme. Fundamental to the concept of resilience is the capacity to bounce back, ‘overcome odds’ and demonstrate personal strengths to cope when you encounter hardship or adversity. The Bounce Back programme is a multidimensional approach that involves ways to build environments that develop resilience, as well as teaching the personal coping skills of resilience. The programme is taught in Life Orientation lessons from Grade 1 to Grade 7, but all our teachers use the principles of the programme in their teaching and counselling of boys.



The basic principles and core values of the programme are:


Integrity:               being honest, fair, responsible and loyal

Support:                                supporting and caring for other people and showing compassion

Co-operation:       co-operating with others

Acceptance:          understanding and accepting differences between oneself and others, and including others socially.

Respect:                respect yourself and respecting the rights of others

Friendliness:         being friendly and socially responsible and including others

Perseverance:      going beyond what comes easily to you


The chart below is up in all our classrooms and I encourage you to use the terminology at home with your boys when they are facing challenges or are upset about something.