St Peter's Boys Prep's First Flexible Learning Programme for 2018

  • February 19, 2018 | Rob Macaulay: Headmaster

This has been a very busy week in the Boys Prep, with the roll-out of our first FLP (Flexible Learning Programme) for 2018.  The aim of the programme is to give boys a chance to immerse themselves in research, learning and presentation that is self-directed, self-assessed, of high interest and requires the higher order skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. 

Topics that have been investigated in this FLP cycle include:

  • A Journey of Enlightenment, from Struggle to Liberation, to Transformation (Grade 6)

The Big Question: “Values were at the core of impacting South Africa’s journey from struggle to liberation, to transformation. How might your values impact your life and that of those around you to bring positive change?”

  • An Inquiry into Natural Disasters in South Africa (Grade 7)

The Big Question: “South Africans are aware of and prepared to respond to natural disasters.  Discuss this statement in light of the research you have undertaken.

The Big Question in Grade 4: Do the characteristics and behaviours of living things help them to thrive in their environment?

The Big Question in Grade 5: How inventions and ideas from ancient civilizations have impacted modern society.

We have been doing FLPs since 2015 and each intervention seems to create a greater sense of adventure and fun.  As I greeted a group of young boys this morning, we exchanged the normal greetings, ending with “Have a good day…”  I turned around and heard one of the boys blurt out “School Rocks!”  This, together with the pictures below, will serve to share the exciting week we have enjoyed.