St Peter's Boys Prep Schools' Grade 5s Are Thinking Deeply

  • January 30, 2018 | Sean Creamer: Grade 5 Class Teacher

The Grade 5 boys are inquiring into and thinking deeply about the importance of our number system.


To begin the thinking routines they had to answer: “Why do we have a number systems?” with more questions. From these questions the teacher gathered 5 more questions to be answered:

“What number is our number system based on?”

“Who invented the number system?”

“Where does our number system begin?”

 “Where does our number system end?”

“What if there was no number system?”

These questions were answered later on in groups where they also debated whether the number system we are using should be abolished!


The boys were tasked with thinking deeply about our number system before any research or information was given. Later they will use books, primary sources of information and the internet to research their questions and make conclusions based on the answers they gave in the beginning.