St Peter's Boys Prep Grandparents and Special Persons Tea

  • March 18, 2016 | Kenda Melvill-Smith

On Wednesday, 16 March our little boys in Gr 0 got to show off their new school to the special people in their lives. Grandparents travelled from far and near to be part of this exciting morning at St Peter’s and the boys spent many hours practicing their songs and creating artwork for the event. We started with a lovely Chapel Service, Father Richard using a  spectacular science experiment to teach us the true meaning of Easter. Our grandparents got a glimpse of the time we spend in our school Chapel and enjoyed the entertainment our Gr 0 boys provided.

This was followed by an Easter Tea in Dodson Hall, Penny Coltham and Donna Clay, together with their volunteers decorated the hall beautifully and provided a delicious spread to complement our Easter Theme. The guests then went down to the classrooms to take a look at the work their grandsons had completed this term and enjoyed a ‘tour’ of the school. Those boys who had Cricket Wicket and Judo got to demonstrate the skills they have learnt so far this year, with lots of encouragement from the side lines.

It was a happy day for all with both Grandparents and their Grandson’s leaving the school feeling very proud!