St Peter's Boys Prep 2016 Flexible Learning Programme (FLP)

  • April 01, 2016 | Catherine Steenhoff: Director Academics

We started our third Flexible Learning Programme (FLP) on Tuesday and once again the boys have been fully engaged. Every time we run these programmes we are amazed at the level of thinking and questioning from the boys. Again this week, boys have opted to stay in at break to work on tasks!

The Flexible Learning Programme is based on the following principles:

There is a ‘Big question” to research and answer.
It is :

 - Interest driven by offering choice.
 - Self- directed. Boys manage their time and resources throughout the programme and can choose when to do the tasks they have chosen. Boys are able to work at their own pace.
 - Intrinsically motivated. They have chosen what tasks to do and in most cases how to present it.
 - Self- assessed. Boys receive instant feedback through completing tasks and the rubrics provided. Tutors are available throughout the day to give feedback and guidance if necessary.
 - Collaboration. Constant discussion, questioning and advice between peers and tutors.

The following are the ‘Big Question’ topics for this FLP:

Gr 3        If you were to choose a region to live in, either the Artic, Antarctica or the Desert. Which region would you pick and why?

Gr 4        Looking back to the everyday life of a San boy, how does your life compare?

Gr 5        Ancient China

What would you like to thank Ancient China for and why?

Gr 6        The Transition from Apartheid to Democracy.

“What can we learn from our past, how democracy changed South Africa and how we can improve going forward together!”

Gr 7        World War 3 will be over water.” To what extent do you agree/disagree with this statement.