St Peter's Adopts Time2Read Methodology

  • February 23, 2017 | Kenda Melvill-Smith - Boys JP Head

St Peter’s has adopted the Time2Read Methodology for teaching reading and phonics to our children as of January 2017. Last year we investigated a number of programmes but believe that Time2Read meets the needs of our children and is a good follow on to THRASS. The methodology includes the development of strong auditory skills and a knowledge of sound to symbol which immediately gives meaning to the spelling and reading process.


Time2Read is a South African programme which Marit Paul, a Grade 1 teacher and Speech Therapist has designed. This means that the words used are suitable to our children, materials are affordable and access to on-going training for our teachers is possible. Our young children, particularly in Gr0 and 1 have taken to the methodology with ease and we are delighted by the progress we are witnessing. From Gr2-4 we have combined aspects of the programme into the THRASS method as we phase Time2Read through the school.

Staff members received training at the end of last year to ensure a smooth transition into the new programme from the start of the year. Last week Marit Paul addressed over 300 parents at a workshop on the methodology of Time2Read.