• March 14, 2019 | Toni Clarke

On Thursday, 19 February, we hosted our Middle School and Senior Prep Inter-house Galas.  A new format to our galas was introduced this year, which was well received by all.  We continued with our 50m individual races and had one 25m individual race.

 These were followed by a 4 x 25m relay and a 6 x 25m relay.  This allowed all our girls to showcase their varying levels of ability, whilst allowing maximum participation by all. 

The girls who find ‘safety in numbers’ loved the addition of the relays to this gala and took part with great enthusiasm, whilst the girls who wanted to focus on the individual races were able to do so too.

The spirit at both these events was unmatched by any in years gone by and we look forward to continued commitment and participation in all our inter-house events this year!